A little bit weird, and a lotta bit whimsicle 



My Illustration work features a number of techniques. I most frequently work in watercolors and digital media but you can also find airbrushing, relief printmaking, screenprinting, pen and ink work, vector art and many other things sprinkled throughout my portfolio. I rarely say no to trying new things when it comes to art. 

Graphic Design


Throughout my career as a graphic designer, people have been surprised to find that I enjoy design just as much as illustration. In the same way that there are left and right brained people I have enjoyed cultivating both a loose and expressive side to my work, and a more controlled, professional one. 

All that other stuff


I have many hobbies that employ my skills as an artist. From woodworking, to photography, 2D animation, and videography, theres not a lot I haven't tried at least once at some point. It probably speaks more to my personality then my professional prowess but I enjoy it all the same, and I hope you do too!


Some of my previous clients include:

"Don't you hate those people who put stuff that they themselves said into their own favorite quotes section?"
- Me