2D animation

While animation is one of the newer tricks I have tucked up my sleeve, I have absolutely fallen in love with it and I am often looking for ways to break down an image into different pieces so I can animate those sections in concert with one another. It has changed the way I think about me work and how I structure my projects. 


Motion Graphics

I have a great deal of video production work, having started as a hobby in college and evolving over the years into many things such as video documentarian work, acting in short films, working as a stage assistant in local news production and finally video editing and motion graphics. I'm sure it feeds off my love of animation but motion graphics is a who other animal and I love watching as a project slowly comes together. Even when things get tedious, knowing how engaging and full of live a project is becoming thanks to this kind of work is just more fuel for the fire.

All images and motion graphics effects created by Me as an internal training video for the Lenovo Sales team located in Morrisville, NC.


Lenovo Sales Training

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