I'd love to declare myself a true warrior poet, but I'm afraid I haven't really been in any battles. In reality I'm just your average axe-wielding doodler with a weird looking dog and a penchant for cookies. My interests vary drastically to the point where I might come across as scattered but nothing could be further from the truth. Really I'm just never satisfied with only being able to do one thing. I love having my hands in every part of the creative process which is why I've been able to amass a good deal of experience in a wide array of skills. You think that design is a little stiff? Why don't I try livening things up with some hand drawn type. You want that illustration to have a bit more life in it? How about I just animate that bad boy for you. You want a more handmade feel to that digital portfolio? What say we screen print all those mamma jammas! Long story short I love making all the things and I'm pretty confident you and I would make a good team. 

So what do you say?